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1.25M Soccer Bubble

  • Adult Bumper Ball TPU-T (6)
    Kids Bumper Ball TPU-T
    Socer Zorbz,kuplafutis, Fútbol Burbuja,zorb Body Ball, Human Sumo, Body Bumping, Bubble Game, Bubble Fotbal, Crazy Ball, Bodyzorbing, Bumper Game, Bumperballs, Bumper Fotbal, Buddy Bumper Ball, Buffalobumperball
  • Buddy Bumper Ball TPU-HCA
    Newest Crazy Buddy Inflatable Bumper Ball , Body Zorbing For Children.
    Buddy Inflatable Bumper Balls seems to be a very popular choice for them. Body Zorbing is another rendition of the Norwegian invention: Bubble Football. Unlike the sports competition though, Buddy Inflatable Bumper Balls arer more for family and friend activities at parties and such.Besides giving you a lot of laughs, Body Zorbing allows you to participate in several funny games. Such as ten pin bowling or last man standing. The inflatable pieces of plastic are large enough to cover you from your waist up, even going a few inches above your head to keep your noggin safe.It(Buddy Inflatable Bumper Ball) is used in the grass and land Bumper ball also can be called body zorb balls, bumping ball,human hamster ball, etc.
  • Bumper Zorb TPU-T (2)
    1.25 Meter Bubble Footballs, Bumper Zorbs for Kids.
    The Bumper zorbs are made of TPU hard wearing plastic and each has a 4 point harness. They are surprisingly resilient and have 8 intersections to add to their strength. As players only bump into other Bumper Zorb players, then everyone has double protection. In the unlikely advent of a puncture, the Zorbs can easily be fixed by strong holding tape until they are correctly repaired later.The Bumper Zorbs or Bubble Footballs are such good fun for most age groups. For children's birthday parties, everyone must be at least 1 meter tall, but we don't just do birthday parties for children but for adults as well. We have different sized balls to fit different ages and body sizes. We supervise the parties and include team games and challenges and make sure the birthday child feels special on the day. We offer the new craze of BodyZorb Football. As well as birthday parties we also attend school fun days, festivals, carnivals and offer group sessions for hen parties and corporate events.
  • Kids Body Zorb TPU-O
    Kids And Adults Bumper Cylinder Playing At Grass
    The Soccer Bubble, also known by many other names such as Bubble Soccer, Bubble Ball, etc., is a game being picked up throughout a variety of places. These places include youth facilities, youth church clubs, naval bases, college universities, and expanding towards many other outlets across North America. The Soccer Bubble is a new product being used at facilities such as select Gold’s gym as a way to invite social interaction and a fun spin on working out. Other places such as church and you facilities use the Soccer Bubble game as an outlet for young kids and young adults to use their energy in a fun and positive way.
  • Kids Body Zorb TPU-O (2)
    Hot Sale Kids Buddy Clear Bumper Ball TPU Body Zorb
    Cardiff Body Zorb also known as Bubble football is where you wear a zorb over your body and play football. You are encased in a giant bubble which protects you against the opponents that are likely to collide with you.Bumper Ball Induction: Body zorb Ball is also called body zorb, inflatbale bumper ball, body bumper ball etc. It is inflatable sphere 1.5m or 1.8M for adults and 1.2M for children, which is made of PVC 0.6MM or TPU 0.6MM or TPC 0.6MM material. Body zorbing is the newest activity for 2013, Bodyzorbing is physical, exhilarating, and enormous fun for children and adults. Now body zorbing is very popular in UK. Body zorbing have been seen on ITV and on BBC Sport, Even Body zorbs have become part of the school sports scene in some schools. Body zorbing will be more and more popular woldwide in the furture.
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